Comedy short ‘Careering’ available to watch now

It is with great pleasure that Bang Average Films present their first short film Careering to the world.

Shot in one day at Loughborough College on Sunday 1st October, Careering is a fun and wacky three minute short that was as much a hoot to film as it (hopefully) will be for you guys to watch.

Starring Helen Lewis, Hollie Burrows and Peter James, Careering focuses on student Daphne as she arrives for a careers interview at her local college.

Little does she know that the new Careers Advisor is a whiskey swilling nutjob who would rather torment the students and drive a potential lawyer towards a career as a janitor then send them on the way to their dreams.

Check out the film below, and feel free to Like, Share and Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

We hope you enjoy the film. There’s going to be plenty more in the coming years. Should we apologise now or later?

Photos from the day of the shoot…


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