First Short CAREERING now in post-production

There’s nothing quite like your first time…

Bang Average Films shot their debut short film CAREERING on Sunday 1st October 2017.

It was a great day. Cast and crew were all on time (a huge tick on a short, if you ask me) and ready to have fun, and that’s exactly what we had.

The short will be around 90 seconds long, perfect for the YouTube generation with low attention spans. It’s also pretty damn funny, which has a lot to do with lead actress Helen Lewis’ performance as the crazy Careers Advisor.

My job as Director was made incredibly easy due to Helen, Hollie and Peter (the actors) being so on point and eager to do a superb job. I hardly had to open my mouth, which probably made them think ‘why is that guy just standing at a monitor smiling?’

Lee smashed it out of the park with his DOP skills. I’ve worked with him on three short films in 2011, 2012 and 2014 respectively, and he has come on leaps and bounds. He knows what he wants and how to get it, which again makes my life easier as I can concentrate on the performances of the actors. Aspiring filmmakers take note!

Something that both myself and Lee picked up on was that the actors were surprised at how easy we were to work with. They told us some horror stories about not being fed and watered on set, hardly being spoken to by the Director and crew, never being given a copy of the film they’re in, etc. etc.

It blew our minds. We know that we can’t afford to pay our actors at this stage of our filmmaking career, so we make up for it in other areas:

  • We feed our cast and crew (this time it was Subway sandwiches, fruit, crisps and cookies)
  • We pay expenses (we want our actors to feel like they’ve had a fun free day out)
  • We’re not dicks (we provide a creative, relaxed environment that puts everyone at ease)

The ethos at Bang Average Films is ‘Get Stuff Made’, and we’re planning the next 4-5 projects already. Lee and I work well together because we have similar tastes, we’re honest and open with each other, and we both want the best for the films we’re making. So many projects are sabotaged by divaish and/or dickish behaviour. It’s a great shame.

CAREERING is now in post-production. Lee is overseeing the edit. I’m going to check it out tomorrow (Thursday 5th October) and take a look. I’m excited to see it come together, especially after the fun we had shooting it.

News on the next project – and the release of CAREERING – soon!



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